All States Engineering & Surveying – Concrete Thickness Measurement

Unsure of the thickness of a concrete foundation? Need to know if the concrete has large voids? All States Engineering & Surveying has the solution for you. Our services can provide you with accurate depth measurements and void detection for concrete structures using non-destructive test methods (NDT). We can test concrete slabs, pole foundations, and any concrete structure for depth dimensions and also width dimensions in some cases.

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All States Engineering & Surveying – Underground Utility Detection

Excavation is dangerous to any construction project and there is a risk of injuries taking place on the job site if ignored. Thus, utility detection is crucial and ensure the success of the job without facing injury risks. ASES provides underground utility detection services including ground-penetrating radar (GPR), underground pipe locating, concrete rebar detection, and GPS mapping services. Our utility detection team uses the latest tracing equipment to locate underground utility lines and mark-up the areas in which it is not safe to excavate. We offer multiple reporting options from marks on the ground to an AutoCAD drawing that detail all underground utilities. Before digging, call 811 for a locating state-sponsored public service that is required but limited to the public’s interest areas.

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All States Engineering & Surveying – Concrete GPR Scanning Rebar

Not sure where to drill in reinforced concrete?

All States Engineering & Surveying can reveal the approximate location, direction, and depth of obstructions in many structures to high precision and accuracy. Our subsurface locating equipment allows us to detect rebars, voids, post-tension cables, cavities, conduits and other objects inside reinforced concrete and similar structures to help to make a safe decision for coring, cutting, and drilling purposes.

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All States Engineering & Surveying – Residential Scan to 3D Model & CAD Drawings

Do not have As-Built drawings? No worries!

All States Engineering and Surveying provides a solution through scanning residential and commercial structures to create 3D models and CAD drawings needed for remodeling, architecture, and engineering work. Our experienced team, paired with our high-end equipment, ensure professional high accuracy drawings to fit any project.
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All States Engineering & Surveying – Reality Capture by Mobile Mapping

All States Engineering & Surveying is capable of providing innovative mobile mapping technology through which we can serve our clients with reality capture of large high-density point clouds covering many square miles. We ensure delivering our telecommunication clients with the highest accuracy, above 1A survey-grade. Through our service, we assure our clients are pleased and satisfied with having the ability to collecting information at any time without the need to returning to the field.
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All States Engineering & Surveying – Tower Inventory

All States is providing a solution to analyze and perform a tower inventory, with the ability to do so even when as-built drawings do not exist. You can measure any distance, and obtain latitude, longitude, and elevation with high accuracy and precision for any point in the model.
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Addition to Our Surveying Department

All States Engineering is now a proud owner of an RTC360 and P40  LiDAR scanners. Email us to see how we can prepare as builts, map, and design your Wireless Sites.
Email us at or call us at 949-609-9559.

All States Gets A New Look

Introducing ASES’ new logo.
Same Company, Same Professional Staff, Same Great Service…. New Look.

LA County Recycling Plant Project

All States Engineering just completed the Engineering of Phase 1 of a new recycling plant in Los Angeles County. Five Steel Frame Structures that support equipment of over 30,000 pounds. A special thank you to all our engineers that worked hard on this project, Brad Wood, MS, EIT, Cara Harrington, EIT, Magdalena Etimani, Sammy Maoulawi , EIT, and Tuan Quoc Le.  Call us at 949-273-0996 to discuss your next engineering project, and hire a REAL Professional Engineering Firm.

All States Commitment to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

All States Engineering & Surveying used its annual Holiday Party to announce its commitment to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. CEO Wissam Zalzali made the announcement of a $5,000 donation to LLS. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society was started in 1949 and is the largest voluntary health organization dedicated to funding research, finding cures and ensuring access to treatments for blood cancer patients. Russ Been, CEO of Cellective Solutions a client and partner of All States brought this worthy cause to Wissam’s attention and will be doubling All States contribution. For more information and to make a donation click on the link below.

All States Celebrates 10 years in Business

All States Engineering & Surveying held its annual Holiday Party on December 7th with a Casino Night theme. CEO Wissam Zalzali kicked off the evening by thanking everyone who has been part of All States over the last 10 years. His comments included his humble beginnings as he started the company out of his apartment by himself. The loyal client base grew and currently All States has five locations through the US. Wissam promises a bright future with further expansion of the company and its services.

Zalzali Speaks at 2017 Wireless West Conference

Wissam Zalzali, All States President and CEO was one of the speakers at the Wireless West Conference held in San Diego on April 19th and 20th.  Wissam was on a panel that included Vince Aragona / Neo Network Development, Clark Harris / T-Mobile, Greg Smith / Centerline Solutions and Robert Erickson ExteNet Systems.  The topic was small cells and issues that arise from conception to completion. The session drew the largest crowd during the conference.

All States opens a Northern California Office in Walnut Creek

All States recently opened a Northern California Field Office in Walnut Creek. Office will cater to our Northern California Clients.

All States Volunteers at The Habitat for Humanity in Ohio

All States participated in the Ohio Wireless Associations Habitat for Humanity project on August 10th. Employees from wireless vendors from across the region came to Columbus Ohio to help this worthy cause. This is an annual event that is sponsored by LCC Telecom Services.

Sean Keenan Joins ASES

All States Engineering & Surveying is pleased to announce that Sean Keenan has accepted the position of Vice President of Site Development.

Sean’s vast experience in the telecommunications industry makes him an excellent fit as All States expands its services beyond engineering and surveying. “He is perfect for our company.” stated CEO Wissam Zalzali. “He gives us the edge we need to compete in today’s market.”

His start date was May 16, 2015.

All States adds COO to Staff

All States Engineering & Surveying is proud to announce that Lee Hyde is now a member of the All States team.

“We are always looking at how we can make our company better.” stated Wissam Zalzali, President and CEO. “Lee has years of experience working in the telecommunications industry in the Midwest. His duties will include managing the newly opened AS Midwest office, business development, marketing, and corporate consultant.”

His official start date was August 10, 2015.

All States Opens Midwest Office

All States Engineering & Surveyingannounces that is opening a Midwest Office in St. Louis, Missouri.

“We are in an aggressive expansion mode and this is the first in a series of locations that All States will be moving into.” stated Wissam Zalzali, President and CEO. “The office will offer full Architectural and Engineering Services in the Midwest including Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Iowa and Indiana. Lee Hyde our COO will manage the St. Louis office”

The office was opened officially on August 10, 2015.

All States to Use Drone Technology

All States engineering is now giving its clients the option to use drones for site audit projects. The drones can be used for tower inspections, reducing oreliminating the need for technicians. This cost effective alternative will be quicker and safer. Droneswill deliver the documentation needed for high quality site audit, allowing unique and detailed panoramic and top-down views of the towers in addition to the details required for a full site audit.

With drone technology surveyors can record details of antennas, Remote Radio Units (RRUs) , Mast Head Amplifiers (MHAs) and steelwork setup. In addition to an Aerial Survey, a drone can also be calibrated to carry out panoramic photographs at set intervals.

For more information please contact us with any question you might have.

Click to view footage of a drone on a site gathering information.