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All States is always looking for highly skilled professionals. We create an environment that promotes teamwork, opportunity, cross training and self-fulfillment.

We offer competitive salaries and benefits plus the highest standards of safety and training in the industry.

Current Positions

Locations: Lake Forest, CA, Walnut Creek, CA, Garden City, MI, Chesterfield, MO

AutoCAD Operator Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and revise drawings in AutoCAD with minimal supervision and make sure all drawings are in compliance with ASES standards.
  • Receive guidance on design interpretation related to layout specifications and procedures.
  • Maintain project drawing files, drawing library, and associated records and documentation.
  • Other tasks include creation of schematics, equipment schedules, managing file locations, names, file layers, etc.
  • Perform other related duties as directed.

AutoCAD Operator Preferred Job Requirements:

    • Minimum of 4 years progressive CAD Drafting experience.
    • Ability to understand and modify standard details for project specific applications.
    • Ability to adhere to schedules.
    • Telecommunication background a plus.
    • Associates Degree in Computer Aided Design preferred.

Site Acquisition Independent Contractor
All States is seeking qualified individuals in markets throughout the country who have a minimum of 3 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Include a resume with details of the work you have performed and your education.

We are also have open positions for A&E Project Mangers and A&E Project Coordinators across the nation.

If you are interested in a career with All States please submit your resume to

Job Title: Project Engineer

Required: Bachelor’s in Civil or Structural Engineering and 24 months experience in structural engineering analysis of communication structures. In lieu of primary requirements employer will also accept a Masters degree in Civil or Structural Engineering. Special Requirements: Must have demonstrated knowledge of conforming built structures to General Order 95, NESC, ANSI, and AASHTO regulations and standards; and the following engineering software and technologies: RISA3D, Enercalc, RISA Floor and Foundation, TNX Numerics, Leica BLK360, and Leica Cyclone 360. All work performed by the Project Engineer will be under the supervision of a licensed professional engineer.

Duties: Project Engineer will:

 1. Create, design, and perform structural engineering calculation related to telecommunication towers and rooftop and water tank structures in addition to foundations using hand-calculations and highly sophisticated tower analysis software, and other accepted engineering methods including: RISA3D, Enercalc, RISA Floor and Foundation, and TNX Numerics

 2. Conform structural engineering designs to jurisdictional requirements for land use and permitting as well as design various modifications to reinforce tower and building structures to acceptable safety standards and regulations such as: General Order 95, NESC, ANSI, and AASHTO

 3. Develop structural engineering surveys utilizing robotic land surveying techniques such as 3D structure scanning using Leica BLK360, and the development of point‐cloud data structures using of Leica Cyclone 360.

Contact: Zalzali & Associates, Inc. 23675 Bircher Drive, Lake Forest, CA 92630. To apply interested parties contact – Attn: Mr. Wissam Zalzali, President/CEO at